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The "Qida Water Cloud" industrial Internet platform applies advanced sensitive material manufacturing technology, unique water quality monitoring sensor technology and Internet technology to the field of industrial water treatment. This technology and system have changed the operation and management mode of traditional industrial water treatment systems. Can provide customers with the whole process, intelligent, customized value-added services. Circulating water automatic dosing and online detection device, which integrates automatic real-time dosing, automatic online monitoring and analysis, and numerical monitoring of PH value, temperature, conductivity, corrosion rate, etc. in circulating water, can improve the effectiveness of the drug and improve Enterprise benefits, reduce labor, and the company establishes a data integration center, customers and companies can monitor operational data in real time, and achieve a scientific and effective management system, which can bring tangible benefits to the enterprise.

The "Qida Water Cloud" industrial Internet platform has created a "smart hospital" for industrial water treatment by functions such as centralized control management, fault warning, data analysis, and intelligent processing.

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